Within months of the rebrand roll-out, E2i’s Control Panel Division was awarded (3) large projects, one being the largest to date.
My team and I love it when focused collaboration increases our client’s traction and ROI.

E2i, Inc. Control Panels Division: Scope: Rebranding, design, intranet updates, case study design templates, sell sheets, labels, packaging, infographics, stationery templates, email templates, and trade show assets inclusive of video.

Trade show video: We had approximately two weeks to complete this production. This was done in 2 iterations, including manuscript editing, voice-over, and graphic/design changes. It would have been ideal if there had been more time to shorten the production further and increase the pace, but overall, the video served its purpose and looped at the client’s trade show booth, offering solid messaging no matter when someone entered.



Infographic comp for website and promotion celebrating 24 years in business


Sell Sheets


Packaging: custom tuck box


e2i_packaging-comp-2 e2i_packaging-comp-3

Product material Tyvek envelope


Client note cards


Cabinet label


Internal sub-site navigation icons and home page identifiers:


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