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One Platform for Centralized Marketing

PP360: an all-in-one solution for streamlined marketing and sales operations. PP360’s mission is to empower companies to reach more people and improve lives with their goods through our proprietary CRM platform.

With essential modules for both inbound and outbound interactions, ppthreesixty empowers your business with comprehensive support. Customize your website, manage e-commerce features, and oversee partner portals—all within one intuitive system.

With our dedicated module, you can take control of your marketing materials, efficiently manage leads, and provide top-notch support. With ppthreesixty, managing your business has never been easier.

  • We do not offer web development services on open-source platforms like Magento or WordPress. We do everything using our proprietary platform, which allows us to provide fully customized solutions for your business.

PP360 Email Marketing

Email Marketing

    • We design, deploy, and optimize your email for more effective campaigns.
    • Capture Leads Through our Built-in Landing Pages
    • Highly modifiable templates help you generate personalized landing pages without hassle.
    • Easily Exportable Data
    • Synchronize with Salesforce CRM