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To paraphrase a past colleague from Vista Tech Solutions: “Service clients with a sense of agency [and urgency], and they won’t be able to imagine their business without your service(s) ever again.”

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The unique and aesthetically pleasing marketing solutions Kiersten develops differentiate HEC’s products and services in the marketplace.

Hendrik Bruhns

Principal, Naval Architect

“Kiersten is a highly energetic, talented, and personable professional. I have worked with Kiersten for over a decade as President of Herbert-ABS Software Solutions and as President of Herbert Engineering Corp (HEC). I found that Kiersten’s experience and expertise were very suited to design and implement our corporate identity and branding of our joint venture with ABS, from the ground up and across the board. Most recently, Kiersten has been giving HEC a facelift as well. She is focused, analytical, and accessible for consultations and quick production turnarounds. She has developed unique and aesthetically pleasing solutions to differentiate the Herbert-ABS and HEC products and services in the marketplace, creating a lot of positive feedback from our clients.”

Hendrik Bruhns, President, Herbert Engineering Corp

Top qualities: Leadership, Strategic, Dynamic

“During Kiersten’s tenure as the Director of Operations, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and project management abilities. Kiersten is integral in leading the implementation of global networks in support of AT&T, showcasing an aptitude for strategic thinking, detailed planning, and fluid execution in challenging environments. She has a unique ability to understand and navigate complex technical landscapes, an undeniably advantageous skill in managing any complex organization. Her operational excellence matches her deep commitment to customer success, always putting customer needs at the forefront of their strategy. Kiersten fosters valuable relationships with our partners and clients, ensuring smooth operations and high satisfaction levels. Kiersten also possesses the critical thinking skills necessary for the meticulous execution of implementation processes, a fact that was clearly evident in her successful orchestration of our global network implementations. She understands the nuances of laying a strong foundation for both short- and long-term business goals, and her ability to adapt and perform in fluid environments was particularly impressive in every situation while working on AT&T implementations. This makes her particularly well-suited to any industry’s fast-paced and dynamic nature. Her project management skills are exemplary, and I am confident in her ability to ensure that any implementation process is streamlined and delivers value to customers quickly and effectively.”

Kurt Stein President & COO, Vista Tech Solutions LLC

Top qualities: Reliable, Inspiring, Uncompromising

“I am the Vice President of Information Technology at Reliable Power Alternatives Corporation, an energy procurement and technology company, and the owner of Sahava, an application development company in New York. I have known Kiersten A. Stein for over twenty years. Over this time, we have developed a reliable, professional relationship and a deep personal connection that continues to strengthen even as we now reside on opposite sides of the country. I have had the pleasure of working for Kiersten as an owner and Creative Director, where she could easily weave in and out of sales, design, and architecture meetings while validating, challenging, and inspiring all employees to do their best. As President of Sahava Inc. I worked with Kiersten on large e-commerce projects with high-profile companies, including Time Warner and Porcelanosa. Kiersten is incredibly persistent and willing to go above and beyond to ensure all deliverables work well for all users without compromising the company brand, which has always amazed me.”

Manpreet Singh, VP of Information Technology, Reliable Power Alternatives Corporation

Top qualities: Innovative, Client-focused, Creative, Problem Solver, Team Player

“She will make any organization better. I worked with Kiersten for nearly a decade while she was at Vista Tech Solutions, a highly valued Solution Provider in AT&T’s indirect sales channel. In her role, she managed several large global network implementations and navigated all problems inherent to these complex projects. She left a positive, indelible mark on the organization and the people around her. Kiersten also served as a subject matter expert for her team and spent countless hours training them on AT&T back-office systems and tools. As a result of her work, the group became self-sufficient and was recognized by AT&T as one of the most competent sales support organizations in AT&T’s indirect sales channel. As a technologist, she improved systems at her firm and provided helpful suggestions to strengthen AT&T processes. We often used Kiersten’s recommendations to enhance our methods and procedures. Kiersten is always game to tackle large, complex tasks and adapts to the environment around her, always giving credit to her peers. She is easy to work with and is business-focused. Any organization would be lucky to have her on board.”

Joe Altobell, AT&T Channel Manager

Top qualities: Extremely Valuable Resource, Never Failed to Deliver

“Kiersten worked with me at AT&T as a Solution Partner, supporting myself and my AT&T Enterprise clients in my position as AT&T Strategic Account Lead. As an extended member of the AT&T team, Kiersten was always accessible to me and our mutual clients. She proved herself an extremely valuable resource during her time on my team. I’ve always prioritized accountability among my team members, and Kiersten never failed to deliver. An example was working with one of our Fortune 500 financial institutions’ global network rollout of SDWAN and cloud technology. Kiersten project managed this twenty-location-intensive project over ten months. She ran a weekly project management meeting with multi-level project stakeholders, including C-levels and network managers. Kiersten has an incredible skill for communicating clearly and strategically while planning and tackling challenging deliverables on time. Kiersten did not hesitate to escalate critical components long before they could become an issue for our clients. Her focus on multi-faceted network delivery was vital to delighting our clients! Kiersten’s due diligence made this client consider us a trusted partner, and our relationship flourished. Kiersten is a delight to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.”

Kathy Rodimer, AT&T Strategic Sales Executive | IT Transformation & Global Business Solutions

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

“I worked with Kiersten for several years; as part of the design team, she played an integral role in supporting the promotional efforts of the magazines we collaborated on. She was creative and thorough and always handled each project with enthusiasm and diligence. Since then, I hired Kiersten as an individual contractor to design several strategic marketing programs and collateral.”

Jackie Graziano, Director & General Manager, AMEX Publishing-Luxury Market Insights

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Kiersten is a fantastic collaborator and will not settle for “just average.” She delivers perfection with a great personality and wonderful creativity. I would hire Kiersten Stein again and again.”

Gloria Morris Kruener, Independent TV Writer / Producer, WalkingDistance Productions, A&E - STORAGE WARS, Animal Planet, MONEY BARN

Top qualities: Focused, Technical Knowledge, Professional Acumen

“I wanted to give a Big “Shout Out” to Vista Tech Solutions and, most notably, Kiersten for the work done for one of my financial customers. We were challenged every step of the way for the Canada VPN circuit and the MOW IP Flex, but Kiersten never stopped working towards delivering what the customer ordered. Six months’ worth of redoing orders and keeping our customer’s best interest always at the forefront, even when we wanted to yell “Uncle,” was quite amazing. The number of nights Kiersten talked me off the ledge after receiving news that was less than optimal was countless. The Bank, by far, was my biggest Strategic Services and top 10 CRU biller, so Kiersten’s ability to deliver had been critical to retaining and ultimately growing and keeping our relationship solid. Not only did she work through all the challenges with Canada, but she also project-managed two major AVPN orders during this time. Vista’s Partnership with the direct team and their focus on not cutting corners is the behavior that helps us delight our customers. I know firsthand the value Vista brings to us and our customers, and I am just so grateful to be in a position to work with the entire team each and every day.”

L. Cue, Regional Director, AT&T National Business – Mid Markets

Top qualities: Integrity, Professional Acumen, Ability

“It’s been a while since Fleishman-Hillard days. I wanted to explore some options with Kiersten regarding a new opportunity that came across my desk, and she is someone whose work ethic and quality of work are impeccable. I also appreciated her accessibility and extending the offer to fly to NYC if required.”

Regina Barboza, Barboza Communications

“I can’t say enough about Kiersten. I posted a project on a service provider portal, expecting to find someone who could provide the quality design I directed. I got an expert in the field with an equally expert team able to take my ideas and make them 10 times better than I could have imagined. Kiersten’s designs and materials have been spot-on every time. Kiersten has helped our Control Panel Division grow while staying profitable and has had the good humor to rebrand our 25-year-old company, which goes hand-in-hand with such an endeavor. It’s been a great time!”

T. Ledesma, Director of Business Development, E2i, Inc.

Top qualities: Exceptional Artistic Abilities, High Integrity, Well-Organized

“Kiersten Stein has that magic combination of creative talent, sharp skills, years of experience, technical expertise, and personality, making for a great all-around artist in a commercial design environment or a fine art gallery. She is well-organized, good with people, and has exceptional artistic abilities. Her sense of composition, design, and color make her a great artist. Her work speaks for itself. Kiersten was also the Gallery Director in a Hawaii co-op fine art gallery I founded and did a great job managing the artists.”

Carolyn Quan, Fine Art Marketer and Photo Collage Artist

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Kiersten’s artistic talents, coupled with her business acumen, result in effective multimedia, including websites, PR materials, and event planning. Just check out her websites – as they say, “proof is in the pudding.”

Susan Kim, Business Professional / Controller, Susan Kim Coaching, LLC

“Working with Kiersten was seamless from start to finish. Her professionalism and attention to detail are exactly what Western Press looks for when working with design/graphic artists. Kiersten’s final output files were flawless.”

Paul Hulley, C.F.O., Western Press, Inc.