KAS CEO/Creative Director

Kiersten Stein
CEO, Creative Director, Brand Specialist

There is no limit to imagination or technical innovation. If we can dream it, it must be attainable.

Cost-benefit is measured by the value of leverage a company acquires; therefore, to drive humanity forward while fostering the bottom line, I have found the key to success is in the alignment of a holistic business growth blueprint with innovative strategies, knowledge sharing, and experiential optimization to achieve true transformation.

I am an enthusiastic, data-driven leader experienced in change management, intuition-based analysis, and methodical decision-making; flexibility and scalability are hard-wired into my DNA. I am passionate about prototyping and taking technological models to the next level. I am comfortable adapting to established guidelines but energized by process refinement and aspirational mindsets.

Designing and working with my hands is as natural as leading a team or managing a Fortune 500 budget. I can easily look left as an active CEO/Executive Director, then look right, roll up my sleeves, and stand in sawdust. My innovative personality, high-stakes experience, and acumen will give you the know-how and dependability you deserve. Let’s collaborate today.

Building Enduring Products  |  Partnering  |  Fostering Your Bottom Line

The Journey

At 16, I started my design, marketing, and multimedia company. While attending high school, I was an apprentice in a Manhattan ad agency for four years. I was fortunate to have studied under the President of the agency, who was originally from Grey Advertising, and Doyle Dane Bernbach. The apprenticeship entailed attending school every other week, traveling into the city alternate weeks, and attending night school.

My foundation led me to an enriched professional journey integrating technology’s dynamism with brand creative excellence. My career trajectory is punctuated by decisive endeavors, where I’ve gathered elite digital teams to actualize innovative strategies, optimize customer experiences, and propel brands to leadership pedestals.

Additional experience:

Multichannel, next-generation digital transformations and customer experience optimization: Cloud, IoT, Voice, Risk Intelligence, and Data Networking
Corporate promotions and custom product design: spanning diverse industries and countries; music and packaging industry niche
Pro Bono Elementary School Gifted Program Consultant: Developed and implemented an interdisciplinary project that incorporated technology, research, creative writing, fine art/history, and literacy for gifted students grades 3 through 5 between the ages of 10 and 11. The computer skills taught emphasized 3D environments and web technology

Executive Competencies

Customer Experience Strategy | Agile Methodologies | Digital Transformation | Business Strategy | Project Management | Change Management | Operations | Network Implementations | Risk Management | Customer Research | Insights Gathering | Customer Journey Mapping | Cross-Channel Strategy | Ecosystem Design | Conceptual Engineering & Prototyping | Communications Planning | User Experience (UX) Design | Data Visualization / Story Telling | Human-Centered Design | Messaging Strategy | Experience Personalization | Campaign Planning/Execution | Digital Measurement and KPI

Technical Acumen

“The mouse is mightier than the sword.”

HTML, CSS, VRML, Adobe Creative Suite, Generative AI, Microsoft Business Suite/Office 365 Pro, Prezi, QuickBooks, DaaS, SalesLoft, Seamless.AI, ZoomInfo, MailChimp, WordPress, Google Analytics, JIRA, FastTrack Schedule, Basecamp, Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Visio, Asana, ClickUp, ROME, ASAP, Telecom Channel Portals

When I’m not knee-deep in brainstorming sessions, wrangling budgets, overseeing technology milestones, or navigating conflict resolution…I’m hiking with my very-vocal Siamese, adding another solar panel to my self-converted van, vineyard hopping and wine tasting, listening to live music, creating art, binge-watching a Sci-fi series, attending to my aviary or fostering an injured bird,