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Kiersten A. Stein was born into a family of artisans. Her grandfather was one of the top ten photographic retouchers in the world and her father is a true Renaissance man; creativity and the arts are innate. Kiersten began her career focus in art and design at the age of ten, at which time she became an apprentice and learned the value and discipline of honing one’s craft. For Kiersten, her interests were likened to her father’s as she became a carpenter, designer, photographer, writer, illustrator, and painter. She is proud to have built her foundation on “old school” principles and the lifelong process of becoming a Master. Kiersten’s techniques and passions have been evolving for more than 25 years now.

Artist Statement

“The true mystery of the world
is the visible, not the invisible”
– Oscar Wilde

Sara Jane Keskula Hair Clip Creations

I think the hardest line item for any artist would be to define, categorize, or analyze what they do and why. I believe there are two kinds of artist: The first type loves to talk about themselves and their work, the second, not so much. I fall somewhere on the introverted side of the spectrum. I am inspired by a myriad of experiences and I can easily lose myself in a subject study for hours.

My tagline, “It’s in the still that we can experience the extraordinary illustrates my approach to life as a voyeur and participant.

I love the raw, the “real” of life, and find that without contrast life is a bit boring. As a photographer and multi-disciplinary artist, I embrace “intimate distance” which allows me to experience the integrity of details and yet remain non-invasive.


“No matter how slow the film,
Spirit always stands still
long enough for the photographer
‘it’ has chosen.” – Minor White




What draws me in are “things” that do not wave a flag, but sparkle and dance in their own right, like what most would consider invisible. I find that I look at life and it’s visitors through a macro lens first and then I pull back into a wide-angle perspective. I have compiled years of work (photography, writing, illustration, and painting) and the most challenging part of the process is deciding what I want to share with the public. At this point in my journey, I am turning the exposure on myself and on my “art,” through collections like my Kaleidescopes, Mosaics, and Quilts.

I love nature’s beauty and ingenuity. My Kaleidescopes, Mosaics, and Quilts are some of my attempts to honor nature’s intricate treasures by packaging and incorporating these jewels into compositions that I can share (I offer my work on silk, canvas, tile, wood, and fine art paper).


Close-up from “Needles and Thread Quilt”


“Bottle Brush” (Framed Silk)





Fine Art/Portraiture:

“Lady of the Lake Series”





Stationery Collection: Floral Alchemy




















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Event Coverage:

Coordination, lighting and varied styling/technique




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