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k_stein“Cost-benefit is measured by the value of leverage a company acquires. I specialize in conceptualizing ‘outside the box,’ forward-thinking, and collaborative, strategic solutions to meet your promotional and technological needs.” — Kiersten A. Stein linkedin

Insight. Impact. Excellence.

Having been in business for 30 years, I truly find myself wondering, “what haven’t I done?” I consider myself a conceptual engineer, entrepreneur, and intrapreneur whose passion runs deep for prototyping and taking promotional and technological models to the next level. I am also quite comfortable adapting to established brand style-sheets and visions, but I must admit, cookie-cutter solutions ruffle my creative fur. I feel that staying within the lines is a disservice to my clients and my creative process, so pushing the envelope—working outside the confines of conformity—and tailoring are inherent qualities of my personality and vision. There is no limit to the imagination or technical innovation. If we can dream it, it must be attainable.

Simply put, I love designing and working with my hands; it’s as natural as leading a team, or managing a Fortune 500 budget. My innovative personality and acumen will provide you with the know-how and dependability that you deserve, for I can easily look left as an active CEO/Executive Director, and then look right, roll up my sleeves and stand in sawdust. Let’s put our minds together and create lasting impressions.


Nothing in life is ever static, so flexibility and scalability are hard-wired into my DNA (supported by an adrenaline drip line).

I spent eight years as an apprentice in a Manhattan ad agency while attending day and night school. By the age of 16, I started my design, marketing, and multimedia company.

Even though I have consistently run a full-service agency for more than 25 years, I have become an expert, with an in-depth understanding of how to efficiently manage diverse creative/production teams through various career and peripheral opportunities.

Additional experience has been derived from the following positions:

• Executive V.P., V.P. of Marketing  for an international firm that was focused on corporate promotions and custom products spanning diverse industries and countries; music and packaging industry niche
• Co-founder of a full-service event company and an international mentoring company
• Channel Art Director in a high-tech publishing firm
• Gallery Director and Entertainment Liaison/Décor Supervisor


Proven commitment and ability to leverage strategic alliances: 

Clients and vendors typically refer me to new clients and my talent pool is comprised of people I have had the pleasure of working with for more than a decade. I am grateful for the relationships I have developed over the years and for how my teams truly live the meaning: “having each other’s back.”

Well-versed in the following :

A highly-skilled, hands-on creative services director, technology manager, photographer, and fine artist.

Strong organizational and dynamic communication skills have been acquired through years of experience managing business operations, staff/project/event management, accounting/purchasing, contract writing, shareholder relations, pricing strategies, and sourcing.

• Product development, brand strategy, and positioning
• Your right-hand person; customer and client-facing
• Marcom/tech-com copywriting
• Cross-functional team management
• Workflow and production technician
• Turn-key collaboration


20 years hands-on: “The mouse is mightier than the sword”

Adobe Creative Suite inclusive of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver (HTML, CSS), InDesign, Lightroom, Flash, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Acrobat; Axure RP (wireframing), Prezi, Keynote, PowerPoint, Quark, VRML, beginner C++, Macromedia Director, WordPress, Microsoft Business Suite

Management applications:

FileMaker Pro, Aperture, Visio, Quickbooks, Salesforce, SalesLoft, Siteforce, MS Project, FastTrack Schedule, BaseCamp

Servicing small to enterprise-level companies — Partial Past/Present Client List:

Aircraft Parts Corp.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui
CMP Media Inc.
Coach Realtors
CRN (Computer Reseller News)
Dentsu Communications
Dowling College
E2i, Inc.
Gotham Installations Inc.
Herbert-ABS Software Solutions
Hive Communications
Jamahl Light
Jean Bidwell
Laurey Strategic Brands, Inc.
Marchon & Marcolin
Morey Organization
National Cristina Foundation
Nikon Inc.
Pall Corp.
Rockefeller University
Samson Technologies
Schein Pharmaceutical
Standard Microsystems
Thomson Media
Tyz-All Plastics Inc.
Tiffen Manufacturing
Transmedia Group
Unions in Paradise LLC
Variety Clubs Intl.
Viatronix Inc.
Vista Tech Solutions
WalkingDistance Productions
Yahney Entertainment Group

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