Dowling College – Ads and Commercials

Dowling College – serves more than 6,500 full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students through its four schools: Arts & Sciences, Business, Education and Aviation. Scope: Design, copy, and production (ad campaign and TV storyboards).


Ad Campaign series examples:

“Your 9 a.m. lecture is about to begin. Please take your seat.”

“Madeline just passed her midterm at Dowling College. With flying colors.”






TV Story Board 1:
Sam landed a job at a manufacturing firm in Hauppauge, and stayed there for 36 years.


TV Story Board 2:
By the time Sam’s grandson, Jeff, graduates from Dowling College, he’ll have travelled across Southeast Asia, developed a working knowledge of three languages, and made new friends from 16 states and seven nations.


TV Story Board 3:
“I don’t know what I’ll be doing five years from now…


TV Story Board 4:
or where I’ll be doing it.


TV Story Board 5:
But I know the skills I’m building today will help me tomorrow — whether I’m five miles from home or 5,000.”


TV Story Board 6:
Dowling College is dedicated to helping students develop the skills and experience they need to succeed in a fast-changing world.


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