Destination Weddings

You can’t control your environment when shooting in a public, outdoor space, so there’s always an element of surprise to contend with, or just the usual challenge of an island setting, like sand, wind and water. It all makes for a great experience if you keep your humor and your footing; I shot a few of these images from an unexpected, seated position in the sand. Scope: photography and coordination.



zm_di_dsc_1497  zm_di_dsc_1555 zm_di_dsc_1618  zm_di_dsc_1628 zm_di_dsc_1634 zm_di_dsc_1651 zm_di_dsc_1659 zm_di_dsc_1668 zm_di_dsc_1674 zm_di_dsc_1680 zm_di_dsc_1739  zm_di_dsc_2047  zm_di_dsc_4361



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